Wright Stander B 52" 22hp Kawasaki FS651 Commercial Mower

Model:  WSB52SFS651E1B

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MSRP $6,700.00

The Stander B is a completely new layout. Here are some details:

  • The transmissions are ZT-3100 (integrated transmissions here instead of pumps and wheel motors).

  • Because the Stander B uses 20" high flotation rear tires, it's easy on the transmissions and goes about 7-7.2mph.

  • Driving the transmissions is a top quality EDPM belt (about twice as good as a normal Kevlar belt). The platform is large and soft riding. The rear shield and pad open up to make service super easy.

  • Behind the pad is a simple clear gas tank that holds about 5 gal.

  • Powering the mowers is an FS651 Kawasaki engine (22 HP) and driving the deck is a commercial Warner Mag-stop clutch.

  • Warranty: 1 year commercial or 5 year / 500 hour noncommercial.

  • 48 and 52 inch deck sizes available.

  • The casters are 11x4 pneumatic tires with the same sealed ball bearings used on the ZK.

  • The deck is lighter with a heavy bar welded into the nose and laminated 11ga top.

  • The bottom of the deck is slightly different but has the same air flow as the Aero-Core deck.

  • The deck hangs on four chains. The engine doesn't float with the deck and is mounted to the main frame.

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