Echo 21 Inch Double Sided 25.4 cc Reciprocating Hedge Trimmer HCA-2620

Our Price $569.99

Echo HCA-2620 Reciprocating X Series Hedge Trimmer For Sale At Seven Gables Power Equipment Located In Smithtown, NY

Shafted hedge trimmer with 135º articulation and 10 operating positions.

  • 25.4 cc professional-grade two-stroke engine manufactured from military-grade magnesium 

  • 21" double-sided, double-reciprocating RazorEdge blades 

  • 4.6:1 gear reduction provides high torque which translates into superior cutting performance 

  • Easy start-ability especially for re-starts in hot, dusty climates

  • Large 20.6 fluid ounce fuel tank for extended run time between fill-ups 

  • Offset gear case design provides ideal spacing between user and cutting surface 

  • Tool-less access for convenient in-field servicing 

  • Two-stage air filtration system dramatically increases cleaning capability and allows for longer maintenance intervals 

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